Ernesto A. Ospina’s fiction explores themes of alienation, cross-cultural identity, love and heartbreak, redemption, friendship, philosophy, politics, history, and social activism. His favorite authors include Dave Eggers, Jonathan Lethem, Iain Banks, David Mitchell, Chuck Palahniuk, David Foster Wallace, Junot Diaz, Sergio De La Pava, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Roberto Bolano.


Brokensong – A broken narrator greets the new year in 2008 with a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of scotch, bought with unemployment insurance. Lonely and self-destructing, he will experience heartbreak and redemption, travel to a homeland that is no longer home, prove himself on the campaign trail, and forge new meaning for his life over the course of a turbulent year. Set against the backdrop of global economic crisis and war, Brokensong is a Colombian-American novel of self-discovery, philosophy, and political awakening.

Brokensong colorful

Cross-Genre Novella

Catch-2012 – When Jal Khalil first learned the world would end by violent asteroid strike, he refused to believe it. He was far more concerned with his love life, his misfit band of friends, his recent internet notoriety as NASA JPL’s “Mohawk Guy”, and his job as flight director for the latest robotic mission to mars. The reality soon set in, but the intervening months would bring a tragic comedy of global errors, teaching him the asteroid is the least of our problems as a civilization all too quickly approaching the edge of a cliff, trapped within the awful reality of Catch-2012.



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