Filipok’s Surfing Journey

Fili HeroicMy cousin Filipok Ospina is on the journey of a lifetime. He’s done what few people have the guts and the conviction to do- two years ago he quit his job and set off on a journey to pursue his dream of being a full time surfer. Surfing is something he’s always loved, growing up by the sea in Cartagena, Colombia. He traveled around surf spots in Brazil, Ecuador and Chile, and most recently came through DC on his way out west. His current goal is to find his way to Indonesia, where the world’s greatest waves can be found, and where he also hopes to be discovered. The route will take him across the US and via Australia. He’s an incredibly talented, warm-hearted, awesome guy, and I’d say that even if he wasn’t family, so I decided to help in what way I could. Turns out my friend Dom Mann is in town, and always interested in filming a good interview, so we did that. And Fili’s setting up a website of his own – next steps on this project include working with Dom to get the video edited down to an awesome little interview, and keeping an eye on Filipok as his star rises. All best wishes!