Writing Samples

Here are some links for quick access to samples of Ernesto A. Ospina’s fiction. More samples and completed works are available through the menus on the left.

Science Fiction Novel Excerpt

Categorical Imperative – In a future of bio-engineering, nanotechnology and social upheaval, Jed Hoffer is a spy in one of the premier intelligence firms. He and his childhood friends, the journalist James Waters, the bio-engineer Larry Bergman, and Ogodan, Archduke of Darkside Pommeria, will find themselves facing off against one another and the forces of history as an interplanetary cold war between the remnants of a post-apocalyptic America and the hungry power of a Chinese mega-corporation ruled by an android bent on mass cybernetic integration is ignited by a miner’s revolution in the Belt and the lethal art of fanatical bio-terrorists led by a sentient, self-replicating molecule with the power to consume the universe.


Novel Excerpt

Brokensong – A broken narrator greets the new year in 2008 with a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of scotch, bought with unemployment insurance. Lonely and self-destructing, he will experience heartbreak and redemption, travel to a homeland that is no longer home, prove himself on the campaign trail, and forge new meaning for his life over the course of a turbulent year. Set against the backdrop of global economic crisis and war, Brokensong is a Colombian-American novel of self-discovery, philosophy, and political awakening.

Brokensong colorful

Science Fiction Novella

Catch-2012 – When Jal Khalil first learned the world would end by violent asteroid strike, he refused to believe it. He was far more concerned with his love life, his misfit band of friends, his recent internet notoriety as NASA JPL’s “Mohawk Guy”, and his job as flight director for the latest robotic mission to mars. The reality soon set in, but the intervening months would bring a tragic comedy of global errors, teaching him the asteroid is the least of our problems as a civilization all too quickly approaching the edge of a cliff, trapped within the awful reality of Catch-2012.


Science Fiction Short Story

Bad Engineering – What happens when the world receives a blunt message from an approaching alien armada? The Stranger’s Revolution. What future lies in store for the colonists that are sent out on arkships to preserve humanity and the purity of the new Revolutionary ethos? Bad Engineering. What dark secrets does a certain scarred pilot on Arkship 9 harbor, and how will they affect the life of the boy only he knows to be his son? (Triggers).



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